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Nov 22, 2010

Someone and Something

                           In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

This is a story about someone in my life.
Err, actually I don't really know her from A to Z,
but what I can say bout her,
'She's someone for me..'

I know her since last year in my first year in imtiaz.
We have our taaruf  on 11th January 2009.
(yeah! I do remember important dates! biizniLlah!)
And soon
I bacame her 'halaqah'mate in halaqah Ustaz Zaidi.
In my first year there, she taught me so many things.
about our school, hafazan, learning,
and not to forget the most important thing is about our religion.

There are many things I stumbled upon her.
 But the something is, about her perspective, good vibes, her soft spoken.
She always remind me,
 "Islam tu agama yang mudah tapi bukan untuk dipermudahkan..."
And one more thing
"Islam agama yang praktikal, segala pantang larang Allah berhikmah.."

When I've in trouble,
I always find her to make me calm again with her nice tazkirah based on al-quran.
When I have a problem and I don't know how to solve it.
She advise me as much as she can do based on her experiences.
When I need someone to share something.
Allah send her as guidance, a sister to accompany me.
When I was down with all around.
She said ;
"bukan senang nak puaskan hati semua orang..
yang penting kita dah berusaha, selebihnya serahkan pada Allah...."

And when I thanked her
she refused and said nicely
"Semua datang dari Allah..
Allah campakkan pertolongan-Nya melalui hamba-hambaNya yang lain.."

In her mind is always the same thing ~ "mind of dakwah"
She always keep trying to find the best way to make Islam stronger with all the things she did..
To change people perception is not easy..
It's need an whole sacrifice from ourselves..

Not just at school..our ukhuwah is anytime and everywhere
as long as we still alive, insyaAllah..
We still keep in touch, hopefully always and forever,
tazkiyatul an-nafs make us more obedient to The Creator.

"Salah satu tanda kejayaan di akhir perjalanan
adalah kembali kepada Allah di awal perjalanan.."
-Ibnu Ataillah-

That was something that I can share about my precious person in my life.
You, take care.
May Allah bless you.
Always n forever.

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