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Nov 3, 2011

Sirah: Tamim Ad-Dari


Here is a history about Tamim Ad-Dari.
Nama anak Ustazah Azma yang ketiga. 
Yang sulung tu namanya Uwais Al-Qarni
followed by Salman Al-Farisi.
Saya ada tanya Ustzah Azma, Tamim Ad-Dari tu siapa?
Then, Ustazah asked me to find it by myself. Rightio.
This is all what I've found just now.

Originally a Christian, al-Dari lived in southern Palestine and belonged to the Bani al-Dar—a clan of the Banu Lakhm tribal confederation. His first contact with Muhammad was in 628 CE when he led a delegation of ten other Bani al-Dar members. Previously Muhammad granted Bani al-Dar a part of the revenues of conquered land after the Muslim victory at the Battle of Khaybar. Al-Dari confronted Muhammad to receive the revenues and after meeting him, al-Dari embraced Islam and settled in Medina.
After his conversion, al-Dari became an adviser to Muhammad, particularly on public worship. His advice included the introduction of oil lamps in mosques. In addition to being an adviser, he is traditionally considered to be the first narrator of Islamic religious stories. Many of his stories included ones on the end of the world, beasts and the coming of the Antichrist. Al-Dari's wife in Palestine had thought he was dead after disappearing to Medina and remarried. Al-Dari informed Muhammad that his wife remarried and before he died, Muhammad told al-Dari that whom she wanted to marry was her choice. It was not until Ali became caliph in 656 that his wife returned to him.
Prior to Muhammad's death, al-Dari was granted a large fief for control of Hebron, Beit Einun and the surrounding area, although at that time Palestine was still under Byzantine control. The deed was written up by Ali and when the caliph Umar and his Rashidun army conquered Palestine, al-Dari acquired the territory. Since, he had only one daughter and no sons, after al-Dari's death, the heirs of the Hebron fiefdom would be the descendants of his brother Nu'aim. Originally, al-Dari's role as the ruler of the fiefdom was to collect land taxes. He was forbidden to enslave any of the locals or sell their property. In 655 CE, al-Dari left Medina to reside in his native Palestine where he died in 661.According to tradition, he is buried in the town of Bayt Jibrin (in the vicinity of Hebron), destroyed by Israel in 1948.
Narrated Tamim ad-Dari:
Tamim asked: Apostle of Allah), what is the sunnah about a man who accepts Islam by advice and persuasion of a Muslim?
He replied: He is the nearest to him in life and in death.

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wanna know more bout Tamim Ad-Dari?
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