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Sep 27, 2013

Days as a leader

Days as a leader in IBest was the precious moment .
Being a leader there is not just about handling students' discipline problems .
It's about showing them the way , supporting them , help them ,unite them and boost up their potential to the limit to spread da'wa , be a qudwah hasanah , an icon to others .

Together , step by step , we'd try our best .
I thanked them for every single lesson that I gain .
I learnt about leadership from former headboy , Azmani Fauzi
and also from Ilyani Shukry as being such an awesome leader to me . 
Both of them were supportive and cooperative friends .

I learnt how to be cool from Ikmal Hakim , my partner as a secretary of MPP . 
He always came out with his genius ideas of doing those and that , 

creating those and that .
 He was the one who guide me to perform my paperwork well and to synchronize all the filing system of our programmes throughout the year .

From Abdul Rahman , I learnt how to be wiser and open minded person .
Followed up the students problems and try to be a problem solver .
Give a talk to students , wrote articles , handled a programmes as the alternative to upgrade our usrah .

I learnt how to communicate better and go through the people heart from Syakirah 
as tears almost rolling down her cheeks everytime she gave her speech to all girls ,
 about our bi'ah , our Quran and most of all , our akhlak .

And to all Qatrunnadas' members,
also not to forget to those who were directly or indirectly entered my life,
my teenager's life.
Im glad to be with them along this path .
These guys are my circle .
Thanks a bunch guys :)

Everything happened, there is a reason.
I do believe in Him.
May the faith never fade.

*sorry for any grammatical error*

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