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Feb 25, 2017

'قد كفاني علم ربي'

أنشودة جميلة. هيا نستمع معا! :)) 

المنشد أسامة الصافي - أنشودة قد كفاني علم ربي

(قصيدة للإمام عبدالله الحداد رحمه الله)

قد كفاني علم ربي من سؤالي واختياري

 فدعائي وابتهالي شاهدٌ لي بافتقاري

فلهذا السر أدعو في يساري وعساري
 أنا عبدٌ صار فخري ضمن فقري واضطراري

قد كفاني علم ربي من سؤالي واختياري
يا إلهي ومليكي أنت تعلم كيف حالي
 وبما قد حل قلبي من همومٍ واشتغال
فتداركني بلطف منك يا مولى الموالي
 يا كريم الوجه غثني قبل أن يفنى اصطباري
قد كفاني علم ربي من سؤالي واختياري
يا سريع الغوث غوثاً منك يدركني سريعاً
 يهزم العُسر ويأتي بالذي نرجو جميعاً
يا قريباً يا مجيباً يا عليماً يا سميعاً
قد تحققت بعجزي وخضوعي وانكساري
قد كفاني علم ربي من سؤالي واختياري
لم أزل بالباب واقف فارحمن ربي وقوفي
 وبوادي الفضل عاكف فأدم ربي عكوفي
ولحسن الظن لازم وهو خِلّي وحليفي
 وأنيسي وجليسي طول ليلي ونهاري
قد كفاني علم ربي من سؤالي واختياري
حاجة في النفس يا رب فاقضها يا خير قاضي
 وأرح سِري وقلبي من لظاها وَالـشُّـواظِ
في سرورٍ وحبورٍ وإذا ما كنت راض
 فالهنا والبَسط حالي وشعاري ودثاري

My Lord’s knowledge has sufficed me from asking or choosing

For my du’a and my agonising supplication is a witness to my poverty

For this secret (reason) I make supplication in times of ease and times of difficulty

I am a slave whose pride is in his poverty and obligation

O my Lord and my King You know my state

And what has settled in my heart of agonies and preoccupations

Save me with a gentleness

from You, O Lord of Lords

Oh save me, Most Generous before I run out of patience (with myself)

O One who is swift in sending aid I ask for aid that will arrive to me swiftly

It will defeat all difficulty and it will bring all that I hope for

O Near One Who answers and All-Knowing and All-Hearing

I have attained realization through my incapacity my submission and my brokenness

I am still standing by the door, so please my Lord have mercy on my standing

And in the valley of generosity, I am in i’tikaf (solitary So, (retreat)

Allah, make my retreat here permanent And I’m abiding by good opinion (of You)

For it is my friend and all

And it is the one that sits by me and keeps me company

All day and night

There is a need in my soul, O Allah so please fulfil it, O Best of Fulfillers

And comfort my secret and my heart from its burning and its shrapnel

For joy and expansion is my state and my motto and my cover
p/s : Translated version copied from [here]

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
 Sometimes we are defined by the things we should be, but we're not.
Or just, not yet?
Hajar AS didn't give up, or even lose hope.
She ran the same course, seven times, before her opening came.
'Keep digging your well.
Water is there somewhere.'
Allah will relief your way like butterflies out of their cocoon,
and they will fly onto your tongue making you say;
'With hardship comes ease'
And He will send remedy your way like the sunlight after night
and it will shine on you making you understand.
'With hardship comes ease'.
Of beauty. How we see it in the unseen.
اللهم اجعل خيرا مما يظنون

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