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Jun 6, 2012

A Great Phenomena, Subhanallah !

Asslamualaikum w.b.t.

To all my dearest readers , hows life ?
May Allah continue giving us abundant blessing through out our life . 

Yesterday morning , I was at my grandma's house as usual .
Its not a weird thing for me during my school hliday .
And ... out of blue , my uncle called me from outside . I rushed to him .
I saw he looked up at the sun by using something like negative x-ray ( I assume) 
then he gave it to me and I repeat his action . 
Subhanallah ! I witnessed the transits of Venus across the Sun !
And to make it more interesting , these transit are among the rarest predictable 
planetary allignments and only happen in pairs of 8 years for every 105 years . 

See the big orange circle n the black dot ?
The black dot is venus across the sun . 
(This isnt a real image but the position of venus is the same as I watched . )

Can you imagine , I watched this spectacular phenomena at the age of 16 
and if I want to experience such celestial phenomena again ,
 I gotta wait for another 105 years and by that time ,
 I will be at 121 years old ! Huhahe :) Nobody lives that long . 
Someone told me that I must have a healthy lifestyle and 
healthy diet to stay alive in that period , haha ..
But actually , we cant really tell though . 
Everything is under His will . If The Almighty says so , who knows ?

Back to the story , my uncle said that our location determined whether and
 when we can see the 2012 transit of Venus . As for Malaysia , we're lucky that entire transit are predicted to be visible for three to four hours . (from 9 untill noon)

p/s : Bila cerita pasal Venus , tetibe teringat kat buku 
Men Are From Mars , Women Are From Venus . Ada kan ?
So , now that the Venusian is visible from the Earth ,
 I wonder when will be the Martians be ? Ehhe :)

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